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Lisa Landman

Professional Overview

About Lisa Landman

Lisa Landman is an experienced professional with a Doctorate in Psychology. Throughout her career, she has worked in a number of areas including client services, administration, teaching, and human resources; presently, she’s putting those skills to use as the Director of Operations for Costech Lab. Additionally, she has owned her own fitness business. Lisa’s variety of work experiences have equipped her with the tools to thrive in any work situation. Ultimately, Lisa views herself as an entrepreneur who has the ability to meet any challenge head-on with dedication and commitment.

In 2002 Lisa Landman graduated from Yale University with a BA in psychology. Her interest in psychology began while she was enrolled in an Introduction to Psychology class taught by Peter Salovey, the current president of Yale University. Lisa made a point of going to office hours and learning as much as she could about the subject. Dr. Salovey suggested that she apply to graduate school, so Lisa continued her education at Fordham University. She earned her MA in 2004, and then she earned her doctorate in 2005. While completing her doctorate, Lisa worked as a research assistant and completed two publications. One study is titled The Relationship Between Children’s Beliefs About the Stability of Traits, Rumination, and Negative Affect, and the other is titled Depressed Mood in Adolescents.

One of the best aspects of working in the field of psychology is trying to understand people and their motivations. Over the course of her career, Lisa Landman has had the opportunity to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. She particularly enjoys working with adults with disabilities. In some ways, adults with disabilities are a forgotten population. As their parents age or pass away, adults with disabilities risk receiving less support. Lisa is committed to helping this population in any way she can.

Lisa Landman started school later than most students. When she enrolled in college, her daughter was still in kindergarten. Not being the typical student made learning difficult, but it also taught Lisa many lessons about hard work and perseverance—lessons that have helped her excel in every position she has worked in during her career. Ultimately, the most important lesson that Lisa has learned is that if you want something bad enough you’ll be able to figure out a way to get it as long as you work hard and don’t give up.

Outside of work Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband and her six rescue dogs in Florida.