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Energy drinks are a 10 billion dollar industry in the US, and are predicted to grow exponentially as time continues.  The target market appears to be 15 to 40 year olds, for whom energy drinks are marketed.  This concentrated supply of caffeine and energy offers individuals the boost they look for to get them through the day.  But is this drink healthy?

Most energy drinks are carbonated drinks that contain large amounts of caffeine and sugar with additional ingredients, such as B vitamins, amino acids (e.g. taurine), and herbal stimulants such as guarana.  The potential health problems caused by energy drinks can be put into two broad categories: problems caused by the actual ingredients in the drinks and problems caused by the consumption of energy drinks.  Because energy drinks are intended to produce a specific reaction in the body, mostly by lessening fatigue and increasing energy, there is a potential for other dangerous side effects, as well.

The good news about energy drink danger is that people who only drink the beverages occasionally for a boost of energy do not need to worry.  The people who should be concerned about energy drink dangers are the individuals who rely on these products to get them through each day, drinking ONE or MORE a day.  As with most things, moderation is a good key to safety, but few people realize there are dangers involved with consuming too many energy drinks.

Lisa Landman is a fitness and health guru. Learn more about her professional work or check out her Twitter!