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Stretch of the Month

Achilles Stretch! How to –  Face the wall with your right foot ahead of your left, toes straight ahead.  Bend both knees, press your hips forward, and lean into the wall.  Keep both heels down and both knees in line with your feet.  Hold for 20 seconds; repeat three to five times with each leg.


Exercise of the Month

Abdominal Balance! How to – Lay on back on the floor with a stability ball balanced on your shins and your knees bent.  Extend legs while balancing the ball.  Bend knees back in continuing to balance the ball.


Nutrition Tip

Winter produce may not be as colorful as summer berries, but there are still many healthy choices available. Incorporate seasonal produce such as pomegranates, cranberries, citrus fruits, purple grapes, and orange root vegetables into your meals. You’ll not only add color to your plate, you’ll get some serious nutrition benefits as well.


Lisa Landman is a fitness and health guru. Learn more about her professional work or check out her Twitter!